Spring has sprung...well kinda

Bonjour! The first day of spring has come and gone but that damn ground hog lied and its cold, windy, and the other day it actually snowed for like a second! Those who know me know that I HATE COLD & SNOW. I literally use my cars seat warmers all year long or until its so hot that it burns my buns. It's funny to because I am kind of a sweaty person especially since I went all hippy and switched to all natural deodorant (maybe TMI?) but I don't mind the heat...Ok so that's kind of a lie and maybe I do hate it but only when I have a full face of makeup on and I start to melt. Any girl can understand that right? Spring is a wonderful time of year despite the bi-polar weather we have in VA. The

Getting your learn on...

HELLO! IM AN A+ STUDENT! I passed the third leg of my Broker's licensing courses and in honor of that I'd thought I'd touch on the importance of being educated during the renovation project. So lets say you've just purchased a home and you're all settled in, you start watching repeat episodes of flip or flop and think...I'd like to remove that wall and open up the kitchen. (cause who doesn't spend their Saturday afternoon folding laundry & watching flip or flop?) Tackling a home renovation large or small can present its challenges. I have always been an anxiety ninny and feel the need to plan every detail before I begin but sometimes things just don't unfold the way you plan. However when t

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