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For those of you who do not have the cash to renovate, there are a number of renovation loan programs available where the cost of the renovation is built into your loan.




Sometimes finding what you really want that is move-in ready just is not attainable. We have all been ruined by HGTV (me included) and how easy and fun they make it look but buying a fixer is no joke. It takes vision, determination, guts, and a lot of patience. You can guarantee something will come up that wasn't expected and you always want to make sure you are prepared for the unexpected. 

Top 5 things to think about first...

1.) Have 2 plans in place. 

     a.) Best case scenario; Everything you could want.

     b.) Worst case scenario; Minimum to make you happy. 

Sometimes things do not always go as planned. Start with plan A and then back it up a little. Think about doing the reno in stages by starting with the most important things first. You can always add that fancy backsplash later.


2.) Wrap in a contingency fund
A minimum 20% of the total budget. I always like to err on the side of caution. 


3.) Location, Location, Location.
You can change almost anything about the home but you most likely aren't going to move the house if you hate where you live, so let that be #1.


4.) Have a realistic timeline.
Where will you live if it doesn't get done on time? Delays due to weather and relying on tradesman schedules are a common issue when coordinating a renovation. Allow for extra time just in case.

5.) Be careful not to over improve. 

If this is not the forever home or even if it is, make sure you do not go overboard for the neighborhood. This should still make sense as an investment. 

DISCLAIMER: These pictures are examples, and are not my own.

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