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It's never to late to get your sh*t together...

Greetings Earthlings!

Welcome to my blog!!!...ugh...just saying that sounds super boring right? What is a blog anyway? I mean I know what a blog is but who reads them? Who writes them? What is it all for? How do people make a living doing this? Ive been thinking about doing this for a few weeks now and I have really been on the fence. Mostly because I am a terrible writer. No seriously, I don't know what I would do if it wasn't for spell check and I often misuse words. I am prrrretty sure English was NOT my first language. Not to mention I have terrible grammar and I pretty much write like I text. I'm not quite sure how I passed english class in high school. Not that I had bad teachers but I just wasn't the best student then and in college I was an art major so I was more of a visual person. SOOOO First rule of Blog reading is DON'T JUDGE ME! HAHA

Obviously if your here you know I am a Realtor. I absolutely LOVE doing real estate! I was completely nervous when I first started though. I mean who wouldn't be! Your helping people buy or sell the biggest purchases of there lives probably! I mean hundreds of thousands of dollars! If that doesn't make you sweat a little in your pits you should check your pulse! After a while it was definitely one of those "a-ha" moments. I had a wonderful mentor which was such a privilege and for really the first time ever I just dove right in and took control of my life....and it worked! Most agents do not have a single transaction their first year and I had 10! My first listing sold in 3 days & I was on top of the world. I found something I truly enjoy and I am so grateful everyday! It's never to late...

I've been pondering as to what I could possibly write about that would be worth a read. I've decided to tell some tales. Tales of life inside my little nest and my adventures in home ownership! Some are all fairy tales and rainbows & some are more the comedic tragedy type! Did I mention lots of tragedy? Luckily, I can laugh about most of it now; well except for that one time Luke, my husband decided it would be a good idea to tear an entire wall down in our old home, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Speaking of my husband, I'd like to go ahead and apologize to him now for anything I may reveal about our relationship. I sometimes tend to over share and since the beginning of time I have pretty much made it my life's work to drive him crazy, EVERY> SINGLE> DAY, with love of course! He probably deserves a medal for sticking with me, so thank you my love and I am sorry.....(not sorry) for everything.

I will certainly try my best to make this as entertaining as I often think I am. I also would like to invite you all to share your "tales of home ownership" with me. If nothing else maybe someone can learn something from this! So if I haven't bored you to tears already, I bid you all good night and please stay tuned for more!

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