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Good Vibes Only

Happy last day of February folks! Spring is approaching fast and I am loving this warmer weather we are having. Now knowing VA I am sure mother earth still has some cooler days up her sleeve but that is to be expected if your native to this area. Buuuuuuuut its only 12 days till day light savings which is my favorite day!!!!!!!

Now that we've established how happy the warmer weather makes me, I'd like to take it back to another time when life was full of good vibes...the 90's; specifically 1994. I was in 7th grade back then and it was the first renovation I ever experienced. Of course it was my parents who were doing the reno on the kitchen in our home but it seemed like a big thing and even though our house was turned upside down for a little while, it was pretty awesome to see and participate in. Now I say renovation but it was more like a kitchen face lift. We didn't take any walls down or anything. We just painted out the dark brown cabinets to a bright shade of white and removed the old 80's flower wall paper to paint the walls a bright and I mean BRIGHT shade of Chinese red. We also sprung for new linoleum flooring that was a black and white checkered pattern...pretty snazzy for 1994. The fun part for my sister and I though was that before the wall paper came down my mom let us draw all over the walls in permanent marker! I mean what kid wouldn't take advantage of this seeing as if you did this without permission you were probably cruisin' for a brusin' as my folks would say. I remember my parents hosting some sort of a holiday party and everyone that came over drew something on that ugly wall paper. After a while the old flower pattern wasn't recognizable anymore. It was a beautiful, colorful wall of graffiti, covered in words and images that only a 12 or 14 year old could imagine. It was something very different and very cool that my parents were doing. Nobody else's parents would let their kids draw on the walls so for a short time we were the coolest kids on the block! Funny how I still feel so cool when I renovate something now. It brings me back to that funky kitchen face lift and the feeling I had while it was going on. Good Vibes Only...

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