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I passed the third leg of my Broker's licensing courses and in honor of that I'd thought I'd touch on the importance of being educated during the renovation project.

So lets say you've just purchased a home and you're all settled in, you start watching repeat episodes of flip or flop and think...I'd like to remove that wall and open up the kitchen. (cause who doesn't spend their Saturday afternoon folding laundry & watching flip or flop?) Tackling a home renovation large or small can present its challenges.

I have always been an anxiety ninny and feel the need to plan every detail before I begin but sometimes things just don't unfold the way you plan. However when thinking about a home renovation it is important to think about the process as a whole first. From demo day to putting on the finishing touches a lot can happen in between. Talk to a pro, even if you are a do it yourselfer. You don't want to go tearing down walls and then realizing that wall was holding up the second floor jeopardizing your safety or the structure of your home.

Speaking of tearing down walls, Budget comes to mind. Removing a load bearing wall can be costly. For example in my home when we removed the wall between our living and dining rooms, it was going to be $3000 or $10000! YIKES! That's the difference between having a post vs tucking the beam up into the ceiling. This is one place I ask you to stop & this the forever home..? If it is not then post it will be. You will most likely not get a return on your investment for removing an entire wall. When planning your budget always add in a contingency fund for when unexpected things arise, I recommend

20% of the total budget. It takes a ton of stress off when you are ready for those unexpected expenses AND if you don't end up needing it well go buy some shoes or splurge on a nice fixture or lighting! Speaking of investment, you typically only get a return on things you can see... not structural changes to your home unless you are adding square footage. Once you've gotten an expert opinion and made a plan, design is next. This is the fun part were Christina from Flip or Flop comes to mind! She's a girl after my own heart always going over board with the design. Over designing can kick that budget to the curb if you are not careful and you don't want to over design for your neighborhood if you plan to sell in the future. You want quality material but don't want to pay an arm and a leg right? Well Folks, you get what you pay for so just remember that. I am a bargain hunter at heart and was raised with the thought you don't buy it unless its on sale! I price shopped the finishes to death! This can be really exhausting but getting a good deal on sleek finishes can feel like winning the lottery! I went to local shops and found the finishes I loved and then went home to see who had the best deals on the web. Online can be a great resource but be careful who you buy from. Read reviews and return policies to ensure if you are unhappy with your purchase you can send it back with the least amount of hassle. So now that you are educated on renovations send me your before and after's and See my before and after's below!

Happy renovating!



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