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Maybe its the warmer weather, maybe its the nice blanket of pollen on everything, maybe its maybelline....Ok maybe not that last one but this market is on fire right now. From my view anything under $350,000 that shows well is flying off the market, so if your thinking about selling you should give this gal a call. How do I know if my home is ready to sell you ask? Well I can certainly help you with that :) Here are 2 tips to help you get there!

1.) Look at your home from a buyers perspective. People don't want to buy your problems so finish up those neglected projects, clean, organize & DECLUTTER your home, and make sure your curb appeal is on point. You don't want prospective buyers to need a machete to get to the front door! Also make sure if you have fur babies, that your house doesn't smell like dog farts or kitty doo. People grow so accustom to the way their home smells we often get "nose blind"...have someone who doesn't live their do a smell test. No really, do this!

2.) PRICE IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! Trust me, the best offer is usually the first one and although you may think your house is worth $50k more than your neighbors because you have granite counters, you'd be wrong and the longer your home sits for sale the more stale the listing becomes. The goal should be to sell in less than 30 days and pricing it right is a huge part of that.

Side note*** Doing a little updating never hurt and can certainly help you get top dollar but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask me first before you make those updates. A lot of home owners make design choices that they like and sometimes that does not always translate well with potential buyers. Its important to make sure buyers can imagine themselves living in the space! Consultation is free and I can work with any budget! Call me!

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