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Be natural-ish


Today I am going to take a break from real estate and share with you how to make home made laundry detergent! HOW EXCITING!!!!

No really, don't joke! I know its sounds granola but besides being natural and better for you AND the environment it's also SUPER cheap and easy to do! If you are an amazon obsessed human like my husband and I are then your in luck. I got all these products on Amazon for LESS THAN $40 BUCKS! Thats right folks! I know what your long does it last? Mine lasts about 7-8 months and I do at least 1 load a day! SAY WHAT!!!! Yea thats right! So listen up, cause it's about to get real complicated! j/k

What you will need:

* 4 - bars of Zote soap (there are other natural bars but I like this one best, its smells nice and it's PINK! Oh pretty!)

* 1 Box - Borax (4lb) I think it only comes in one size.

* 1 Box - Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda (3lb) again 1 size I believe

* 1 (4lb) Box - Arm & Hammer Baking soda ( or the equivalent in the little size boxes)

* Something to store it in! duh!


*Grade bars of soap with cheese grader. (This is the hardest part but you get a good arm work out; you can buy pre-graded but whats the fun in that).

* Mix in the entire box of borax, washing soda, & baking soda with the soap shavings. (I dump it in a large rubbermaid container and mix it by hand)

* Put in storage container (I love my glass jar, its pretty)